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  • Fresh White Spring Truffles

    Fresh White Spring Truffles

    £75.00 per 100g
    Code: FWT

    The world's rarest and most sought after food ingredient. It is now available for the first time direct from Italy to your home. Found in the root system of oak and pine trees, in Piedmont, Marche, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. Best enjoyed sliced thinly over risotto and pasta cooked with butter. Or, as with all fresh truffles, add the whole truffles with eggs in a sealed jar overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning you will have wonderful truffle eggs.

  • Fresh Black Winter Truffles

    Fresh Black Winter Truffles

    £175.00 per 100g
    Code: FBWT
  • Fresh Black Autumn Truffles

    Fresh Black Autumn Truffles

    £75.00 per 100g
    Code: FBPT

    When fully ripe it is deep black. Once cut open it reveals a black-violet flesh streaked with fine white veins. Its aroma is strong and seductive. The principal production areas in Italy are Umbria and Marche . Best enjoyed in the classical Salsa alla Spolentina' . The truffles are grated and added to warm extra virgin olive oil. The sauce can then be used to enhance all meat and fish dishes.

  • Black Summer Truffles in Jars

    Black Summer Truffles in Jars

    £29.50 per 70g
    Code: BSTJ

    Big whole summer truffles. Each jar is unique and contains between four and six mature summer truffles preserved in their own juice.

  • White Truffle Cream Sauce

    White Truffle Cream Sauce

    £8.50 per 80g
    Code: WTCS

    This amazing sauce makes the perfect accompaniment to egg pasta. A couple of teaspoons per serving is all that is required to release the amazing truffle flavour. Finish with cracked black pepper, parmesan and chopped flat leaf parsley. Fantastico! Also a pleasure spread on grilled meat and delicious on toasted bread.

  • White Truffle Oil

    White Truffle Oil

    £9.50 per 55ml
    Code: WTOS

    Through the careful use of white truffle tuber magnatum pico, the olive oil gains an intense and unique aroma. When used on ribbon shaped pasta or risotto, these dishes become incomparable. A few drops is all that is required. The main characteristic that distinguishes Urbani infused oil from others is that over time flavour remains firm and intense with no significant loss of flavour.

  • Black Truffle Oil

    Black Truffle Oil

    £9.00 per 55ml
    Code: BTO

    The unmistakable flavour and aroma of black winter truffles tuber melanosporum is fused with olive oil to give a rich and intense gastronomic experience! Black truffle oil is the perfect partner to spaghetti and meat dishes. When drizzled on bruschetta gives a wonderful and priceless substitute to real black truffle.

  • White Truffle Oil

    White Truffle Oil

    £25.00 per 250ml
    Code: WTOL

    The natural flavour and aroma of the rare white truffle is encapsulated in this unique and precious olive oil. A few drops of this exquisite condiment is all that is required to enhance the simplest of dishes.

  • Truffle Honey

    Truffle Honey

    £11.50 per 90g
    Code: STH

    Combining the finest blossom honey with the delicate flavour of summer truffles. While superb on its own makes a wonderful match to mature French Brie or even used to flavour ice cream.

  • White Truffle & Porcini Sauce

    £9.50 per 50g
    Code: WTPS

    Combining the intense aroma of white truffles and the delicate fragrance of porcini mushrooms, this versatile sauce is an excellent accompaniment to pasta, risotto, fish, meat and canapés.

  • Steel Truffle Slicer

    Steel Truffle Slicer

    £19.50 per EACH
    Code: TSLA

    An adjustable blade dishwasher proof truffle slicer.

  • Olive Wood Truffle Slicer

    Olive Wood Truffle Slicer

    £28.50 per EACH
    Code: TSLW

    Handmade olive wood adjustable blade truffle slicer with box and protective pouch. Hand wash only.